Bold and dark, inspired by aged rums of the Caribbean. Monday Rum is the world's most authentic non-alcoholic rum.


Have It All without Alcohol

Unwind with Monday for sure fire flavor and one less worry.

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Bring Your Own Vibe

Enjoy your favorite flavors, avoid social stressors, and revel without worry when Monday Gin is in the mix. Cheers!

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No Booze,
No Worries

We get it. Stressful times surround us and it often feels like the whole world wants us to drink. Push off peer pressure and enjoy delicious drinks that look the part with Monday Zero Alcohol Mezcal. Salud!

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78 Percent

of non-alc enthusiasts also drink alcohol.


66 Percent

of millennials are making efforts to reduce their alcohol consumption.


"Alcohol is

the only drug on earth you have to justify NOT taking"


MONDAY Zero Alcohol Rum



Monica K.

United States

Verified buyer


You MUST try this product. It is fantastic. Easy to order,
quick to arrive and best of all delicious! My husband and I embraced an Alcohol Free Lifestyle almost 6 months ago. Most alternatives are fair at best. Monday Gin is spot on...lots of fresh lime and a good diet tonic...yummy AND zero calories! It just doesn't get better than that.

Kellie T.

United States

Verified buyer

Can't tell the difference!

I tried out this marvelous zero alcohol gin 1:1 with St. Germaine Elderflower liqueur and some muddled cucumber for a lower-powered martini and was blown away by how much it tastes as good as the "real ones" made at the Thai restaurant across from where I work! Great job, Monday gin!

Kin K.

United States

Verified buyer

Great alcohol alternative

We were feeling uncomfortable that our alcohol consumption was increasing because of the pandemic. A search online found Monday gin as an alternative. Figured we would give it a try and are we glad we did it. It makes a great G & T. We bought three more bottles and will buy more.

J. Wes Irwin

United States

Verified buyer

Best Gin Alternative I've Tried

Monday is a great foundtion to a highly flavorful cocktail alternative. We have experimented with simple lime squeeze and quality tonic, and have branched out into more personalized flavor profiles with a selection of cocktail bitters (this are alcohol based, so be aware). I enjoy a cardamom Gin with aromatic tonic and lemon. My wife likes a good dash of lavender for a more floral forward G&T. I will recommend Monday highly to my friends who enjoy quality Gin.

Gretchen G.

United States

Verified buyer

Very refreshing!

When you first open the bottle that wonderful aroma envelops you, then when you drink the tastes even better. Like many folks during this horrible pandemic, I've perhaps been overindulging. But with Monday Gin I can have as many G&Ts as I want - without the worry about the alcohol content and calories. It's revelatory!