14 Types of Alc-Free People. Which Are You?


 “Who the #@$! would want alcohol without any alcohol in it?!”

You wouldn’t be the first to ask. Even our dedicated crew here at Monday HQ didn’t come out of the womb embracing non-alc products (besides milk). And if we can be truly candid, just about all of us at some point have been the ones asking that very question. 

Who would want alcohol-free and what are their reasons? We’ve taken the answers and distilled them down to 14 personality types. It's fully possible to inhabit multiple of these roles at different times. Which alc-free personality are you?

Who Would Want Alc-Free Spirits and Cocktails?


The Designated Driver

Fair is fair, and it’s your turn. Sky’s the limit with delicious NA recipes that simultaneously keep you under the limit. You still get to choose your cocktail AND! You still get to choose the music.

The Fit Phenom

Go out at night, wake up early the next morning and set another PR. Cuz let's face it, it's hard to get a six pack…and then get a six pack.

The Turn Down for What? 

For those who get turned up aka “turnt” on regular alcohol and then become aware they should turn the dial back down a bit and pace their drinking. This might be a strategy to keep the party going even later (“After all, today is a marathon not a sprint”), to start the process of sobering up, or to get out in front of a hangover before it becomes inevitable or particularly nasty.


The Hero Host

Not everyone drinks. Win the hearts of your non-drinking guests when you mix them up a sophisticated NA cocktail. Move over Martha!

The Sober Social Butterfly

Love the social aspects of happy hours and cocktail lounges but not a big drinker? (Honestly, we all look better in bar lighting).

The Date Night

Sick of dates that revolve around booze? Here's something new to do that doesn't. Because you shouldn’t have to throw off your whole body chemistry just to feel some chemistry.

The Weekday Wind Down

Keep the after-work routine, but take a few days off from drinking booze. See how you feel. Doesn’t mean you have to go from half-watching Netflix to reading all the classics, (but now you could if you wanted).

The Nightcap

Keep the good times rolling without destroying your next day. Bonus, make it home safe. No more lamenting, “Ahh, I really didn’t need that last one!”

The Social Camouflage

Just feel like fitting in but not in the mood to explain yourself? Done. Avoid a compilation of the greatest not-drinking-questioning hits such as, “You’re not going to have a drink?! So are you like an alcoholic?” And who can forget this one?:  “Something really bad must've happened huh?” Or everybody’s favorite, “Wait then, is it ok if I drink in front of you?”

The Super-Powered Sober
You’ve got your system down and you know what works for you. Non-alc cocktails have come such a long way that staying on the wagon is no longer a feat…it’s an absolute treat.

The Pregnancy Life Preserver

Perhaps you’ve never wanted a drink more than right now. Why not make it close to the real deal? A decadent old-fashioned? Classic gin fizz? Spicy mezcal margarita?! The cravings are real!

The Family, Man!

So much of parenting or being a great partner comes down to truly being there for your loved ones. And when the booze is making you feel ‘not all there’ then you're just, well, not all there.

The I Ain't Gotta Explain Myself to You

Nuff said.

Maybe you relate with one of these personas. Maybe you identify with several of these different roles at different times. But whatever your reason for substituting zero-proof options for the hard stuff, one thing’s for sure, there is no better time than now to enjoy the variety, flavor, and quality available for a delightful non-alc sipping experience.

And that’s something worth drinking to!