Drink Monday


Zero Alcohol Gin...but why?

We get it. A boozeless spirit sounds strange. But here's the thing, everyone approaches drinking from a different place, for different reasons. You could be part of the growing sober curious movement, pregnant, dealing with some health issues, tonight’s DD, have a big day at the office, can’t be flat for tomorrow’s gym session, or just plain want to live life on your own terms free of those hangover feels! Monday Gin satisfies your drink fix without the dangers and downsides of alcohol.

Is Monday Gin for me?

Does it really taste like gin?

Wait, isn’t alcohol needed to be considered a ‘grown-up’ drink?

Where is Monday made?

How do I drink Monday Gin?

Is the liquid cloudy or is it just me?

Any sugar?

I don’t even like gin. What am I doing here?