Best Dressed Cocktails

Stunning Garnishes that Leave Your Libations Dressed to the Nines 


Who Wore it Best? 

Who actually won the Oscar is forgotten, but what rolls out onto the red carpet goes down in history. Why shouldn’t your cocktail capture the magic of the red carpet? These jaw dropping garnishes will class up your glass, leaving it the best dressed in the room. 

1. Eye-Popping Ice

Sometimes beauty comes from within. Let these floral ice cubes transform your glass from the inside out. Gather some elegant, floral taste boosters such as lavender, nasturtium, and dandelions and simply freeze in a fun shaped ice-cube tray of your choice (we like dazzling diamond shaped cubes for our Monday Gin). Drop these flower ice cubes into your glass and have all your guests asking, ‘What’s in your glass?!’ You know it’s Monday, (but it sure looks like Saturday). 

2. Spearhead the Conversation with Deliciously-Decorative Spears

Pierce through flavors that fit your outfit; A sprig of rosemary puncturing fresh blueberries over a Monday Gin Fizz. The sleek skewer wrapped in a thinly sliced, wavy curl of cucumber for that Gin Iced Tea. A flashy, metal-toothpick lancing maraschino cherries across your Monday Old-Fashioned. Lay across the rim, or plunge and tilt accordingly…Then let the conversation follow. 

3. Shimmering Candied Fruit Wheels

Take your highball to the ball in the right set of wheels. It's only right a starlet like Monday Gin and our leading man, Monday Whiskey be brought to the event in nothing short of a limousine. Perch a candied wheel of Blood Orange, Meyer Lemon, or Pink Grapefruit on the rim of any glass to ensure you roll up in style. 

What’s on your glass will have you looking the best; 

What’s in your glass will have you feeling the best 

So be seen and be clean 

‘cause when these glam-garnishes show up on the arm of Monday... You don’t have to choose.