2023 Father's Day Gift Guide

You could get Dad another tie. Or maybe the classic "World’s Greatest Dad” mug. But for a thoughtful gift that leaves a lasting impression, that’s gonna take a concerted effort. So we went ahead and did the hunting for you and put together a list of the coolest gifts that would stop any Dad square in his lawnmower tracks, and praise the day you were born.

1. Bullstrap

Dad is a class act; a cheap glossy phone case just isn’t doing him justice. Bullstrap premium leather Apple Watch bands and iPhone cases turn these everyday accessories into gorgeous statement pieces. 


Papa don’t take BS from anyone, so he’ll delight in taking NOBULL from you. NOBULL’s functional training gear is built tough to tackle any workout. We particularly love the shoes, (check those trainers!*) tailored to whatever Dad’s workout may be, from golf to lifting to running.  

3. Viski

Get the man a cocktail already! Of course, we’re partial to our own Monday Whiskey but we have to admit, any cocktail enjoyed from Viski glassware simply tastes better. Call it a placebo, but when you class up your glass, everything else seems to follow. Shop the ‘collections’ for a stunning, unified look to seriously up the game of dad’s bar cart (or man cave).

4. Strongwater

Your gift shouldn’t leave a bitter taste in his mouth…unless!... it's from Strongwater’s bitters, sparkling mixers, and cocktail syrups. They’ve mastered the perfect balance of spices, aromatics, and quality ingredients so that all you have to do is add your spirit of choice. With Strongwater’s cocktail-performance-enhancers up his sleeve, Dad will be adding ‘Master Mixologist’ to his resume in no time.


Hopefully, Dad gets to chill a bit on his big day. And nothing says ‘chillin’ like a good pair of sweatpants. Vuori sweatpants are bizarrely comfy. Scary comfy. Like, defy physics comfy. Fair warning, he very well may start wearing these ALL the time. Not to worry, Vuoris look so good, you can get away with sporting them in situations where regular ol’ sweatpants would just look grubby.  (*the Ponto Performance Pant is our fav)


6. Marshall

Your dad rocks! Roll up to Father’s Day with Marshall speakers, and begin the sonic celebration. Not only do these speakers sound impeccable, but the aesthetics of the design are absolutely drool-worthy. Their classy, nostalgic design looks like an amp that would be sitting on stage at a 60’s rock n roll show. So crank the volume and turn the dial of Father’s Day happiness up to eleven. (Sorry neighbors)

7. Huckberry

The King of the Grill just got the coolest, (er…hottest) gift of the year. The Looft Charcoal Electric Lighter and Firestarter is the lightsaber of grillmasters. The wand directs a superheated, 1200°F blast of air for a cleanly lit fire in 60 seconds. Never again will Dad endure lingering flavors of lighter fluid and dealing with the frustration of briquettes that refuse to light. 


You know what it's like to be the one who gave the greatest Father’s Day Gift? This year you do! So lean on this gift guide and feel free to take all the credit and glory.