Drink Monday

MONDAY is a booze-free gin with a real taste profile.
Craftly made in California, MONDAY uses only the highest quality ingredients.


Our best ingredient ever?
Your day after.

Bold Flavor

The botanical flavor profile provides all the taste of Gin without the hangover.

Natural Ingredients

All of the Botanics in MONDAY have been crafted specifically for a loud natural flavor.

Mix & Match

Whether on the rocks or in your favorite mix MONDAY is ready for your enjoyment.

All the social stressors that arise when you’re out with friends are now non-existent. Pull up, grab a drink, and enjoy the night alongside all your favorite people. The only difference? You’re going to wake up actually feeling good tomorrow…

An entire generation choosing to be Over the Influence. A cultural shift towards staying sharp, being ready for your morning, treating yourself better without missing out on life.

Whether you don’t drink alcohol or are just skipping on the next one, MONDAY is there to keep you going for the long haul of the night, and the long haul of life.

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